Start building your morning and evening routine to be more productive🎯 and successful💰

Firstly what is routine ?

Routine are set of habits that you repeat everyday. Many people live a happy and productive life with fabulous routine.

#Morning Routine

In the book The Miracle morning author Hal explain how he build a morning routine that give him huge success.
“If you win your morning, than you win the day.”
  • Wake up early 🛏
  • Brush your teeth
  • Drink one glass fresh water💧
  • Meditate for at least five minutes⚛
  • Try 7 min workout🏋
  • Drink some morning energy-boosting drinks☕
  • Go for morning walk🚶
  • Take a cold shower🚿

What’s your write in comments☺🙂

#Evening Routine

Evening Routines That Set the Tone for the Next Day.

  • Prepare a goal for next day
  • Read some articles📖
  • Meditate for 5 minute
  • Tide up
  • Put your digital screen in night mode📱💻
  • Set alarm for next morning ⏰
  • Finally prepare for bed 🛌 🌃
  • ….

This are some that I use to conquer my day.

Please Share your routine in comment and be happy ☺