Let me take a selfie…

The picture on the top left corner shows my ethnicity because I come from a big Mexican Family and have many cousins and usually Mexican families are really big.You can see from the features that we all come from the same background. Also we have many girls from my dad side of the family. Many girls in the family meaning many quinceaneras which, is mexican cultural tradition when a girl turns into a woman and celebrates by having a huge party(It’s like a sweet sixteen only your fifteen).

On the right top corner you can see me taking a selfie in my room in my Brazil jersey and Adidas’ sweat pants. In the background you can see that my room is very simple and not luxurious because I’m not of the upper class. All you can see is my bed, blankets, and a chair that spins. My family is low income and we like to keep things very simple and don’t go traveling around the world or go to cruises.

On the lower left corner is selfie with my best friend and you can’t see this from the picture but we have been friends for four years and met each other at a church group. You can tell by the photo we are comfortable with each other and it’s kind of silly showing that we’re just being ourselves and having fun.

In the last picture on the bottom right you can see another selfie of me smiling and even though that day wasn’t great you can’t tell in the picture. In my selfies you can always see a genuine smile that shows how most of the time I’m very optimistic and just really like making everyone’s day even if it is the smallest gesture.

What? The aspects of my identity that are visible are just physical features like,female, dark brown hair, big brown eyes, 5’2 ft tall, medium skin tone, Mexican. The aspects that aren’t so visible are things like my personality because you can’t see that in a picture for instance, I can be very shy at times if I don’t know that person too well. Selfies obscure a sense of identity because you can’t tell everything from a picture. However, a picture can say more than words and it can show your true identity.

So What? This is very significant to how others see me because they don’t have a true sense of my personality and who I am and where I come from and don’t know my story. My identity differs from my parents in many ways. One is that they were both born in Mexico so they had a different childhood, education, struggles. Also their generation was different than it is today and think that their experiences have shaped them into their identity. Furthermore, I feel like my identity is a mix of my parents and my own because though I didn’t live their experience it affected me.

Now What? The students come from hispanic families of low income that need support to make sure their children get a good education and succeed in the future. I feel like I can relate to them because my family is also low income and primarily speak Spanish and at some point people always stereotype Latinos by saying they are lucky if they even finish high school because many dropout and a low percentage makes it to college. I feel like the students I’m going to be working with need that extra help and support that lets them know that if they work very hard they can get achieve their goal.

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