Website Review : (your all-in-one customizable homepage)

Hi. I would like to introduce a website here in medium and review it here. It’s called and it’s an all-in-one customizable internet homepage. You get all the popular websites and search engines in a single page. Search across different categories effortlessly. You can login and customize your homepage and custom links to your preference easily.

Since the idea is not so common, the website is built from scratch and custom designed with PHP, MYSQL and CSS. Let me know what you think as design-wise it’s not similar to any website on the internet. It’s around 6 years old and it’s being made better everyday so that everyone can have a startpage with a collection of the best and the most popular websites in the world and search seamlessly from any search engines across different categories.
CENTPAGE has it’s android app as well as chrome web store app. : Homepage Screenshot

Chrome Web Store Link for
 — Android Play Store Link for
 — CENTPAGE Facebook Page Link
 — CENTPAGE Twitter PAGE Link

Would love to get your feedback here with any suggestion OR recommendations. Enjoy using CENTPAGE :-)