In-app Browser For WhatsApp

Unfortunately this is not a post about WhatsApp having an in-app browser. It’s rather about why the app does haven’t one yet.

With the increase in sharing of website links via WhatsApp, I believe it’s high time the company (Facebook) thought of implementing this feature. It’ll give users a bit of breeze when they click on links from inside the app.

Twitter has implemented this and for me it’s really convenient. You see a cool link, you tap it, then it opens from right within the app. No need to worry about which browser to choose for reading that cool looking link.

Facebook has this in the main Facebook app. Maybe they’re not done testing. Well who knows? The LinkedIn android app has this in-app browser feature as well. Makes reading a breeze.

The main advantage of this cool feature is that you get to stay within the app without having to switch to a browser.

Over the past months, WhatsApp has seen skme major updates in the way the app works: extended emoticons, document sharing, better WhatsApp call (don’t judge), and many more(?)

Well let’s keep our fingers crossed (the readers at least). For all we know it’s almost here……

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