Here’s the thing, Black people can’t ever be accused of racism because the very idea that a community that is continuously submerged under the filth of a mired past and problematic future, can somehow reclaim the disposition of entitlement against a system that was created for their dismemberment — is ludicrous.
Dear White People, Boycotting Netflix Won’t Make You Any Whiter Than You Already Are
Ezinne Ukoha

I don’t in any way make a judgment on the content of your article based on experience because, I don’t have your experience, but I do disagree on some conclusions. To say that a black person can never be racist is just false. A victim can become an abuser. We see this in sexual and physical abuse cases where a child grows up and, without realizing it, repeats the sins of the father.

Now I’m not saying any black person is racist. I’m saying that you can’t blanket a group and say that because they have been victims, they will always be victims and whatever means they use to respond are justified and right.

This opens a door to regression, more division, and a lack of motivation to work toward positive future.

This also says they will never be able to get out of their situation because the system is set against them, privilege prevents them, and the white man owns everything already.

Is the system only against blacks? Did we elect a black man twice as a ploy to trick the black community into thinking we weren’t racist anymore? Why wasn’t the system set up to stop Indians from moving from poverty to wealth in one generation of immigrants? Didn’t they come from a white man colonization too? Why did the white man allow that? How about Asians?

This is why you can’t use always and never. The hyperbole subtly sets up barriers that are impenetrable to the people you want to help.

Racism is prejudging a group based completely on their association. So yes, a black person very well can be a racist.

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