Cruella oozes style and female sexual power.
Cruella De Vil: The Nasty Woman Role Model We Need
Brit McGinnis

While I’m not completely sure if it’s your intent, it seemed like your thesis here is that the best way to be a woman is to completely disregard all things that are inherently female (marriage and child bearing being two you mention) and to display your power by being so ruthlessly self centered that your best example is a female villain known specifically for cruelty, animal abuse, materialism, criminal activity, lack of friendships and pleasure in deceit.

I struggle to see how this makes her an image for young girls. She’s not a bad ass. She’s just bad.

In any other article someone is just as likely to hold her up as the antithesis of women’s image in that she’s the typical fur loving, materialist, glamour queen that boxes girls into that “overly feminine”.

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