Evan McMullin: How I Would Fight Poverty in America as President
Evan McMullin

Evan, the issue I have with your language is that you use the same rhetoric as every other bland Trickle Down Republican. “Smaller government”, “less regulation”, blah blah blah. Nothing in this post sets you apart from anyone else on the right, which is frustrating after seeing your Twitter “ten things to do to stop Trump”.

Do you like going to a hamburger joint and not having to worry about getting e.coli? That’s because of regulation. The FDA provides a great service and puts our minds at ease. People on the right say that Chipotle was a perfect example of the free market working. I say it was a failure of the conservative party. If we had a slightly larger FDA that could have caught that issue before people got sick, then the valuation of Chipotle wouldn’t have plummeted. People wouldn’t have lost billions overnight in their portfolios. People wouldn’t have lost jobs, hours and time while various Chipotles were closed. The money we saved by having smaller government was lost tenfold by Americans in that debacle. The whole point of history is to learn from our mistakes, yet conservatives don’t seem to understand that regulation is there in the first place to prevent the same exact disaster that made us create the regulation. A small regulation called Glass-Steagall comes to mind.

You say you want small government? I say I want just enough government to keep us safe. To keep our water safe. To keep our children safe. To keep our food safe.

Imagine the government is a car. The job of the car is to get us from point A to point B. If conservatives had their way, they would remove the spark plugs and the battery, and make America call a tow truck to get the car to point B. What Americans wouldn’t know is that the tow truck driver paid off conservatives to make the car not function.

Some liberals, I admit, want to pimp that car out. They want to spend money on leather heated seats, 20-inch rims, and a bunch of useless crap that Americans don’t really need. I get it. Those liberals bug me too. And they’ve convinced a lot of people that Americans “deserve” these things.

What we need is a reliable, mid-range compact sedan, with just enough frills to make our lives easier, but not too extravagant that we feel we’re wasting money on useless garbage. We need a car that won’t break down and cost us more money down the road.

I know it’s a cheesy analogy, but I think it’s one a lot of people can relate to. We all have that relative who refuses to buy a new car and ends up spending more money in maintenance than a new car payment would cost. We shake are head and can’t believe the person can’t do the math. And we all know that person who buys a car way beyond their means because they want to look cool and are compensating for whatever it is they’re lacking.

So ease up on the rhetoric now that you’re not running for President. Stop trying to divide everyone, Trump is doing enough of that for you. If you really want to make a difference, stop calling yourself a conservative or a liberal, and start calling yourself an American. Understand how things really work instead of how conservatives WANT things to work. Understand why a solid slow recovery is better for the long-term health of this country than fast manufactured growth. Be honest with President Obama’s successes and admit to why he failed when Regressives stopped him at every turn. Obama made plenty of mistakes on his own, don’t lump in regressive obstructionists into his legacy. Honestly compare his record to that of W, Clinton and Reagan and see that he made a lot of great changes. He is the first President in my lifetime to decrease the number of people on food stamps during any point in a Presidency. That’s a HUGE success. Sure it went up in the beginning of his Presidency, he took over the second greatest economic disaster in the history of our country. But after it peaked, he got food stamp participation to drop, that is amazing! So let’s agree on his successes and agree on his failures, it’s really not that hard to do. The deficit is shrinking, like it ends up doing under every Democratic President ove the last 50 years. You say you want smaller government, but Republican Presidents have increased the size of government and government spending over the last 40 years. Democratic Presidents have decreased it.

You tweeted to follow real journalists. But if you cherry-pick data and use hyperbole and rhetoric when sharing “facts”, then you’re just as bad as Trump. Be better than Trump.

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