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What is your favorite failure in recent memory?

Unusual question I know, but hear me out…

No Triumph Without an Obstacle

Think of a role model. Whether it be a fictional character on television or your favorite athlete, business mogul, artist, or philanthropist, most of us have someone we resonate with. Think about the qualities and characteristics that make this person your favorite. It may be their character, their accomplishments, their missions. These qualities make them magnetic, it drew you to them.

But more times than not, your connection to these people wasn’t formed through their innumerable successes, it was through learning about their initial…

First, I want to commemorate the great Anthony Bourdain who was found dead in a hotel a couple of months ago. Bourdain was in France for one of his infamous Parts Unknown tapings and reports have confirmed that it was indeed death by suicide. Rest in Peace.

Sunset at Salar de Uyuni

As I start packing my bags and the realization that my time here in Bolivia is over starts setting in, I can’t help but look back at my past 6 weeks. As stated in my blog post prior to my departure, coming into Bolivia, I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew very little of the country besides the surface level knowledge of a country you can get from a simple Google search. …

Since I was born in Portland, Oregon at 4:00 am on February 12, 1997, I have been thrust into an identity that has mixed the way of life of my birth place, upbringing, and my parents’ heritage. As a Japanese-American, I have had the pleasure to grow up with dual cultures. Having been born and spent my entire life in the States, both English and Japanese were simultaneously exposed to me as my first languages. Despite my weekly vehement protest to my parents, every Saturday until 6th grade, I attended Japanese school where I furthered my education on Japanese and…

El cristo…the tallest Christ statue in the world. Even bigger than the one in Rio.

It’s already been damn near 3 weeks in Cochabamba, Bolivia and halfway through my time here in Bolivia. Time flies when traveling the unfamiliar. From going to the annual winter solstice, hiking waterfalls and the tallest mountain in all of Cochabamba, to visiting the largest street markets in South America, these experiences have been excellent opportunities to immerse myself into Bolivian culture and explore the beauty of this country. I will go in depth in each of these experiences in future blog posts.

THE TIME IS HERE. It’s finally here. The time that seemed so distant. The time to expand perspectives, immerse myself in a different culture, and take another step towards global citizenship. As I say my last farewells to American familiarity by munching on some delicious Texas BBQ at the Dallas FTW airport, it has finally hit me that today, I will be going to Bolivia.

After finals, I made the 10 hour trek driving from Santa Clara back to my hometown of Beaverton, Oregon and during this time, I had ample time to reflect. Over the past 9 months, I…

Gen Kimura

Austin, TX

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