Morning Strolls

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

The alarm does not confront you with its mulish argument

as you abandon the realm of dreams for the magic of an early morning

before the din of humdrum mortality invades

the omniscient serenity of a vital, immortal world.

The gentle hand of a loved one

clasps your fingers

and takes you on a morning walk.

Without words,

you gaze into the morning sky,

sometimes aflame with blazing orange or sharp strokes of pink,

but ever a limitless expanse of calm blue.

This silence of dawn

is a curious state of being.

It feels self-aware, powerful, and authentic,

brimming with secrets,

that refuse to spill into your perplexed, reverential mind.

Although you may never answer the questions an early morning inspires,

like why the sky makes you feel like a speck of glittering snow,

rising and falling inside a glass snow globe,

or why the interlacing of fingers

makes you feel whole and safe,

you still head home

feeling an effortless tranquility

that rouses your hopes for this new day.