100th Stuff

Today it was LIVE4 and fixes and tweaks. Message from Darren, more Sony calls and talks. #dailyStuffChallenge officially announced!

LIVE4 app on Facebook

As Facebook updated their policies, all promo images are a must now. It is not very clear to me what promo of the Facebook LIVE4 app gives, but we have to be presented there in their Games Shop properly. I read all the guidelines and watched the movie on ‘Image Guidelines’. Keep in mind, that making movie for guidelines is the worst practice ever — quite unusable.

‘At least it’s not Audio’ said Petro.

The funny thing is that the cover image of Facebook app should be 800px by 150px. Have you ever tried to look through the slit of a letter-box? That’s pretty much how it looks.

First try of cover image

So far I stopped on this:

Here is how it looks:

And here is how it looks on mobile:

Other images. I can’t test them normally, so there may be updates as soon as our app is in catalogue.

Due to sizes they look a little strange here in this post. But they are uploaded to proper places with proper sizes. Facebook rejects if the size doesn’t feet.

The good news is it looks like Facebook doesn’t use their quality-killing algorithms to optimise these images and I hope they will look very good.

Facebook JPEGification algorithm kills reds and blues, also it ruins solid backgrounds and blurs the details. At the end of the day image looks like it was saved to JPG with quality 20 or something.

LIVE4 Deck

As there a lot of guys so interested in our LIVE4 we’re updating the deck. Alex asked to update couple of things. Updated player and WATCH sample UI were amongst them. So I finally had time to master couple of things with player, WATCH something is going to happen tomorrow.

Speed is styled better, route is more consistent with timeline, the action marks should show preview, at least one frame, what has happened. I think to use skydiving images for the deck, where jumping out of the plane is highlighted.


Discussed and tweaked things with Helen. Day to day routine to polish everything to perfection or at least to the best state possible. Helen is helping me a lot with doing everything beautiful.

This Stuff enunciates the end of era of my daily posts. When Alex offered to start writing them to check if this level of communications is attainable and to see if this pattern works, I answered ‘Challenge accepted!’.

I wrote about day to day stories and described the process, so it was more clear how one pictogram can take the whole day while the other day a lot of screens are drawn. I hope it was interesting and cognitive to you. Ok, I show off a bit, I know it was and I loved telling stories as much as you loved reading them.

End of My Daily Stuffs Era doesn’t mean I won’t post anymore. I have a lot of Stuffs to prepare to be published in LIVE4 GoPro Medium Blog— all the Stuffs I wrote. Furthermore, I will write about interesting things in UX/UI/Ix design but definitely not daily. As Anton asked, I will try to do it at least once a month, but I am sure I’ll do that more often — weekly or something.

I encourage every one of you to accept #dailyStuffChallenge and try to beat me.

It helps to understand how others see your work, how you can explain half of the work done to those, who isn’t much into it and also it will structure your working process if it’s not structured (mine was structured, so that’s assumption). It also helps to improve your English and finally learn by heart difference between then and than. Now, when we have LIVE4 GoPro Blog it is way more interesting and worthwile to post daily Stuffs than it was before. So try it! Do it!

I am sure today, reciting this story, I can proudly say: