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Today we discussed a lot. LIVE4, LIVE4 website, LIVE4 Cards (aka Polaroids) — I can hardly find a topic that wasn’t discussed.

LIVE4 Website

Finally the main page looks like it was supposed. We show only featured videos there. That will work much better than ceilings all the time.

Petro’s concern was that we lose visitors because they don’t know what’s next after this first page. It was supposed kinda that way but resource paradigm has changed several times since. So, yes, there are about 8% of all website users that don’t open any other page after getting to main page of LIVE4 website. It’s 30% of users who attend this page. That means not so much users open it. Anyway, I’ll update main page design as we need to do it anyway. Taking new paradigm into account.

We also discussed that Support and Privacy Policy should be moved to the footer, as Julia said it’s very bad in top menu. The Support in top menu will be renamed to Quick Start or something like that.

Polaroids aka Cards

Petro started doing cards for My Videos and Explore. Let me remind you what I am talking about.

Not I only checked all the designs and stressed some important design issues like rounded corners to Petro.

I also found that there is a way to make these Cards more natural way — that there’s the component that can be used out of the box. Petro said he’s using it.

Current version of Cards is shown using web view and HTML pages loaded directly from server. Icons there are in SVG, so they don’t have to be as pixel perfect, as icons in natural Android UI. So I pixel perfected them and saved for Petro.

Next big thing we can do is showing videos on GoPro and managing/uploading them. This is really huge step forward. As for now there will be a lot of empty states I started sketching.

I know it isn’t fancy enough, these are thoughts ;)

First I thought there should be heavy animation for loading the thumbs, but now I am not sure that will look good even having two Cards on the screen, not talking about scrolling.


Together with John we rewrote the text Igor (aka Anna) sent to users. I wrote about this text yesterday, somehow the guys sent the other version. Doesn’t matter now, here is the masterpiece we created together:

We’ve just released the new version of GoPro online live streaming app. Now LIVE4 GoPro is available both on iPhone and Android! Check it out on Google Play Market https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vg.goprolive.
We want to hear from you! What’s great? What could be better? What features would make the app even more awesome?
How can we help take your LIVE experience to the next level?
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