The day of tweaks
for that and this.

I tweaked a lot, coded Java, CSS and HTML. Not only by myself, but…

We made tons of HTML/CSS things today together with Gennady Linevich. First of all, we fixed the mobile view for main page.

This is how main page of should look like

Here is how it looks on different devices after we spent some time on that:

Note we’ve updated the application icon too.

At night I updated default favicon and tomorrow I’ll draw all the favicon sizes needed. Please enjoy 16 by 16 pixel perfect beauty:

Today I found out (Petro told me) there is no need to XMLize Empty States designs. That are HTML pages that are needed. So together with Gennady started to code this thing too.

The most complex thing about is that it is actually HTML page. So we can’t provide all those mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi etc. images. Or may be we can but noone is sure if they will work.

So I offered Gennady to use SVG as much as it was possible. While with sad clouds and arrow there were no problems, the noise effect was hardly reproducable with SVG.

Gennady offered to use mask, we tried to think of that and found no ways to use masks normally.

Then I offered just to save this noise to PNG and overlay it. Even if the noise will be blurry on some Droids, that will be the noise anyway. Noisy noise is still the noise. So that’s what we’ve done.

The clouds appeared to be sad tough cookies. Saving them to SVG wasn’t quite easy. The problem was not saving, but opening. Long story short — I saved clouds to svg. And Gennady made all those layers. And everything looks like it was expected.

Testing views in default browser

This one was awesome: I tweaked the appearance of ‘Swipe to Refresh’ thing. That’s the round indicator that appeaars if you drag a list to the bottom.

This one was awesome! I coded Java (wrote one line of code, but found the file and methods to use — read a lot of that Android manual!), XML’d the color and avoided using soon to be deprecated methods! And all that just to change from one gray to another. Yes, we care about consistensy so much.

I also tweaked (updated) the design of progress indicators for starting streaming: this indicator should appear around the Floating Action Button (the one that starts broadcast).

Yet again Material Design Guidelines contradict Material Design Guidelines: while the button becomes inactive it isn’t reflected, even not a dim; while the indicator appears around the FAB, the example in Guidelines are illustrated with FAB without a shadow (there has to be a remarkable shadow).

I was excited bн this regular contradiction that resulted in tweet with quote Petro saying (it’s a quote):

Looks like Medium posts can be embedded everywhere, check their blog post:

I was so happy we’ve done tons of things together with Gennady, I drafted a poster that says ‘Gena&Gena CREW’ as we are both named Gena ;)

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