Video players,
floating buttons everywhere,

Here’s my today’s cocktail of ‘Stuff’ and headache. I made video player UI designs for droids. Material Design compliant and with icons big enough to tap them.

Yes, right, there is not mute button, because it’s on the handheld device, so we use the device volume settings (as we should).

No matter what we should change to Landscape mode when video is in a fullscreen. Share button appears in that mode as well.

Tap on the screen hides UI elements. And sure we are able to share the stream:

Remember how much we care about details? I changed fullscreen icon we use on desktop to Android default Material Design icon users are used to:

I saved icons, wrote the sizes and described everything to Gennady. He is going to do it ASAP and I will supervise and we’ll tweak everyhing if needed right after that.

We’re updating colours on Desktop player and while doing that I decided to add round marker (thumb) to the end of played video when the cursor is over the seek bar. That will not only be more usable but also more consistent with mobile UI’s.

Yahel assigned to me the task about corrupted view of LIVE videos in ‘My Videos’ tab. That’s not actually the thing I can fix, but that was the thing to make me act like Sherlock. What would Benedict Cumberbatch or Robert Downey Jr. do? Compare evidence! So I remembered Anton and Ihor discussed why weren’t dash videos visible on Ihor’s droid. Anton said it’s because the dash is not supported before Android 4.3. I even tweaked a text for the message that higher Android version is needed.

As I remember, we use dash player for LIVE videos or videos that weren’t fully uploaded. So I weighed the facts and it seemed to me pretty obvious that corrupted view and videos not shown is the same problem. We discussed that with Gennady and decided we can fix both of them tomorrow, when I’ll check if everything good with players. I’ll have time to draw a fancy icon for that warning message. Gennady told we can detect if dash is supported at the beginning and show the video preview jpg at the message background. Awesome!

Yahel also found out Material Design may be good looking but not always as usable and obvious as user would like. While in ‘Settings’ section of the app, he couldn’t find his way back to ‘LIVE4 GoPro’ screen with three tabs. So we decided and agreed to show Floating Action Button navigating user to ‘Start LIVE streaming’ card on every page of the app, even ‘Settings’.

Tap on that and voilà — you are looking at LIVE preview right from your GoPro and ready to start the best LIVE stream ever. In case no GoPro connected, no FAB shown.

We also discussed couple of things with Petro. I am happy I am done with everything urgent so far and can test droid app UI tomorrow. And also draw a couple of icons for LIVE4 Petro asked for. And at the end of the day I wrote a facebook post based on cool map with latest streams’ locations Anton made.

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