Have you ever felt that heavy feeling in your gut that you feel would only disappear once you scream and just let it all out? That’s exactly what I am feeling right now. And while the concept of screaming all my frustrations out at the top of my lungs sounds promising, I settle on pouring all of my hearts content through writing. Writing is one of my stress relievers. When I am so mad to the point of crying or pulling my hair out and I have no one to talk to or I feel like no one can understand me, I pick up a piece of paper or get a computer and write everything that I’ve bottled up inside me and just like that my heart and my brain recovers. I am resuscitated back into my stress and worry free self. I am whisked out of my misery. That is the reason I’ve decided to make whatever this is. This is how i put out the steam that overpowers my being rendering me restless. This is my escape. This makes me sane. This is my lifeline. I write not because I want to be read, but because I want to articulate what I think and how I feel.

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