Learn to say NO. Sometimes when you feel like you’re getting abused just because you’re too kind to decline what they’re requesting or demanding from you, stand proud and tell them No. While being the first person they consider asking is flattering, sometimes it gets annoying and downright exhausting. Equality still exists, right? Why not ask somebody else? Is there nobody else who can do the job aside from me? Have you ever considered that I get tired too? If you are someone who is capable of thinking and considering other people’s feelings then you would think better than to pick me over and over again and not even think about asking others. You should have some courtesy and ask them as well and not just directly pick me just because I am nice, especially when I’ve always been you’re go-to person weeks before . Well, newsflash, I get fed up too! You are seriously slowly but surely making me hate you. Give me a chance to rest especially when I’ve been too beat up the day before. Think. Use that big head with that thick skull of yours. Make that brain of yours function. You know what they say about evolution. When you dont use it, it eventually disappears. Read Charles Darwin up.

Okay, that spiraled out of control. My apologies for my rant fest. But it made me feel better, so much better.