Make Your Team Better — Start Today!

When you boil it right on down, management is more about making your team better than it is about anything else. Sure, they could do what they do without a manager, but they would not do it as well. And, yes, they could work together as a team, but without a manager to help them understand and apply the bigger picture, each team member would see their job as the most important task.

Make sure your team is prepared. When your team members know what’s expected, they can work to achieve it. However, if they know what’s expected and they have all the resources they need to achieve it, they may just surprise you by exceeding expectations. Plus, if change is coming, the sooner your team knows, the better prepared they can be to handle it. Yes, some people work well under pressure, but not everyone and not always.

Let your team know when you are pleased, but avoid making decisions when you are angry. Angry people make dumb decisions. You are not the exception. Strong emotion can blind you to possibilities, circumstances and learning or teaching opportunities. All of that adds up to a net loss. Plus, you might say something stupid and damage or lose a good team member.

Risk assess. Don’t lead out of fear. While there’s something to be said for jumping when given the opportunity, don’t do it just because you are afraid to see what may happen next. Fear may be a great motivator, but it tends toward chaos, which is the absolute opposite of good management. You want to be able to wrangle the chaos and lead from a position of informed understanding, not fear.

Demand excellence. Don’t allow your team to be mediocre. Full stop.

As a manager, never forget that it’s your job to make your team better. Fail at that and what are you even there for?

Gennady Barsky is a real estate mogul from New York City who loves to keep up with the latest tech trends.