I think we are there!

There is very little we know about reaching a place as a human. We are always going somewhere we never wanted to be when we began. And, once we are at our latest destination, or close by, we re-adjust our destination to a much harder one.

That’s why we are never there!

It’s not bad per say. It’s just the thing which we are used to do. As a child. As an Adult. As a Male or as a Female. We constantly keep adjusting our ambitions, our aims, our needs.

Back when we were children we would look forward to our vacations. Knowing that those are the times when we would be able to enjoy ourselves the most. Come the vacation and we are looking forward to the first day at school after vacations to see our friends.

It keeps on going to a never-ending journey. Is it bad? Or is it good?

Well, it is not about the good or the bad. It’s about what is and what will be. And there is no other way. We can sit down and be content with what we have and think that it’s all done. Thats not the truth mind you, it’s and illusion.

Think harder and you will know that there is still something you are longing for. The one kiss from your love when you get back home, the promotion, the good night sleep. We are all waiting for something else to happen.

This makes us be never in the moment.

The only realisation one needs here is that there is a lot to be done in one life and that looking forward to something is the only way forward. Don’t be still, don’t be content, don’t be done.

Keep moving. Keep doing and most importantly keep evolving.

This is how we reach our better next every day, every month and every year.

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