Supporting Developers to Build in the Consumer Genomics Space

December 2017 GENOME LINK Hackathon: Event report

DNA sequencing and weighing genetic insights in on your decision-making used to be the stuff of sci-fi movies (think GATTACA). In recent years, the expanding body of literature associating your DNA with certain phenotypic traits has brought genetics to the individual consumer. Now, you can spit into a tube, send it off, and get a report on various obvious and not-so-obvious genetic traits in a couple weeks.

For developers interested in exploring this field, you can now also build your own DNA-personalized app with GENOME LINK API. The API provides the tools for developers without any domain-specific knowledge to start building today — no need to curate your own database of research papers to draw genetic insights from; no need to handle raw genome data and HIPAA compliance.

We believe GENOME LINK API to be the key to lowering the barriers of entry into the genomics field for existing service providers and individual developers alike. So in the summer of 2017, the Awakens team embarked on a mission to diversify and grow the ecosystem of consumer genomics product offerings available. We started with personally engaging the developer community by holding bi-monthly Hackathons to ideate and build DNA-personalized apps.

Our movement is growing. The December edition of GENOME LINK Hackathon brought together 50+ motivated developers, designers, entrepreneurs, etc. (Breakdown of participants in Fig 1).

Fig 1. Participants of diverse backgrounds brought technical, scientific, and business skillsets to GENOME LINK Hackathon.

Here are some of the apps built by the teams:

TurtleLife interprets individual risk factors that influence lifespan and quality of life. The web platform helps you understand what your genetic risks mean and how you can improve your healthy life expectancy with specific steps and resources.

SnapShop is a genome-informed product curation app poised to make online shopping more successful than ever before, by displaying to you product preferences of people with similar phenotypes.

Mama, an interactive platform that informs pregnant women on vitamin deficiencies and foods she should start eating. This genomic-integrated app provides recommendations on ingredients, vitamins, and nutrition to promote a healthy pregnancy for each unique mother.

AllerGENE Children are the least aware of their food allergen risk factors, and therefore the most vulnerable group to severe allergic reactions. AllerGENE offers children a simple, interactive process to vet their food choices against their genetic risk factors for particular food allergies by flagging potential risk on barcode label-scanned food items.

G-Zone, “the win-win solution for employers and employees” is a productivity app that helps employers to maximize employee productivity by providing optimal workplace conditions for each employee through understanding their genetic predispositions.

Team AllerGENE’s last sprint before the demo!

Geneflix helps resolves the problem of wasting time browsing for movies. It is a movie curation service that recommends films based on users’ unique genetic profile and personality test results.

aGENEda is a productivity app to help you plan your day around your how you work best, based on your genetic productivity profile, your behavior, and preferences.

(Left) Demo time for aGENEda. (Right) The audience voting for the top teams.

vitaDetective provides custom vitamin recommendations for users based on users’ genetic vitamin profiles. It is linked with Amazon to streamline the often-complicated process of shopping for the right vitamin supplements.

DNdAte is a dating app where users can customize their match criteria to specific phenotypic traits, to ensure a higher chance of date success.

Congratulations Team TurtleLife!

TurtleLife won the $1000 grand prize for its comprehensive use of the API, and innovativeness and intuitiveness of the app. Congratulations!

Thank you to all participants for spending your weekend with us!

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