Facebook’s Complicity in the Silencing of Black Women
Ijeoma Oluo

No dude, this is someone that doesn’t understand technology that has turned into clickbait. Let me start by saying what those people said to her is absolutely disgusting, but her accusation that Facebook is helping the problem is just ridiculous.
Firstly: yes, you can report people from your phone. It’s just not as easy as it is on PC. I just tried it myself. Open message > tap (i) > tap ellipses (…) > Report A Problem. I can explain in detail what the issue with the message is and send the report.
Second: It’s in the Facebook terms of service that posting people’s personal information, including their profile information, is very against the rules. This is to prevent doxxing and people all going to a profile to berate someone. It’s an automated process. She broke that rule.

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