A Privileged American

I call it a gift of great price, a privilege of belonging, and a sense of appreciation. I am a proud African child, a proud Congolese woman, and a proud American citizen. Africa gave birth to me, the Democratic Republic of Congo nursed me, and America adopted me. This is a gift of love!

Dear Americans, this is a crucial time of our history…I mean this presidential election which requires our full attention; I would like to challenge you to make wise decisions, as we chose our leaders. It is essential that we make an assessment about the leadership traits or qualities that we are looking for in a leader.

I heard of great presidents in history who have ruled this country, great men and women who have fought for the human right and for this country to be where it is today…I’ve heard of president Abraham Lincoln who ended slavery and who promoted equal treatment of all Americans. We know great women like Susan Anthony who fought for women’s equal rights and whose works paved the way leading to women’s right to vote, and men like Martin Luther King who led a nonviolent civil right movement, and became a champion of human rights. We can’t forget president John F Kennedy who created the Peace Corps and challenged Americans that everyone deserves to be treated equally regardless of their race. In our present days we have women such as Alicia Garza who started the Black Lives Matter movement, which speaks out against police brutality and the killing of young African-Americans, and many more American icons who changed America.

America is not going to be great now, it has always been great because of great men who have set their feet on the American ground. Speaking from personal and family experience, we will forever be grateful to America. America has been a home to us away from our home. America has been a home to multicultural nations, America has been a home to refugees and immigrants. It has been a place where our votes count, where our voices are heard and where our contribution to this nation matters. This is what makes America great, this is what makes America stand out from the rest of the world.

We need leaders with characters, leaders who say what they mean and who mean what they say. We need leaders who value women, whether young or old. If Donald Trump has the guts to insult Hillary by calling her “nasty woman”, in public, on the presidential debate, in front of the cameras, does that ring the bell? If elected, what do you think he would do or say to women, your wives or daughters, behind closed doors or where there are no cameras? What makes you think that he would respect and value you?

She deserves your vote and my vote; she is an educated woman who served as a secretary of the state, a politician who devoted her 30 years serving our nation; a woman who has no room to quit and who is determined to win her race regardless of threats and humiliation; moreover, she is a more qualified 2016 presidential candidate. She deserves our votes. That is Hillary Clinton I am talking about!

Once again, I urge you to make wise decisions. We all have the choice to make decisions, and our decisions today, whether right or wrong will determine and shape our next four years. However, our next four years are precious and need to be shaped with wise decisions.

Let’s not bring our country back to where it was many years ago. America is great and let’s keep her great. It is time to keep moving forward but not to backsliding. Many nations are watching us, many nations are looking up to us, many nations are relying on America!