It starts from a couple
Then it reproduced

It was destined to be leaders
To make the world a better place
But it failed
Thousands of times

It’s smart, genius, clever
Yet it’s greedy

It starts from one group
Then it expands
Devouring everything on its path
Nothing escapes its greed

Then the groups collapsed
Breaking into many groups
That started wars
Many wars
Killing each other
Not to mention destroying everything around

It breaks the balance
It’s still young
Much younger than the world
But it’s already making massive damages

It doesn’t only need foods and shelters
It wants everything
Every inch of material in the world
Its greed cannot stop

It created an imaginary God
A green-paper God
A God that it really obeys
So much loyalty to that green-paper God
The imaginary God controls everything

It still keeps going today
Only doomsday could stop it
No matter what
Its greed keeps growing and growing

Devouring and killing everything

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