I always love to see kids.

I envy them.

They are so pure, so kind, true to their nature.

They can just simply laugh and be happy with simple things.

They can be friends with anybody.

Oh the purity, they don’t last long.

Why oh why, once we grow up our color tends to become darker.

We try to become someone else, we learn to be someone else.

And the society starts to tell to be like this and that.

And grown-ups showing us about lies, about ego.

And we start to become that, a complicated being.

Chasing its own ego, looking for own profit.

And the society shows us how bad this world is.

And tells you can’t be a good people if you want to win in this world.


The purity, they don’t last long.

Grown-ups mess it up.

But grown-ups can’t be blamed, can they?

Because they’re the righteous.

Kids are just kids, they know nothing.

Oh the purity, why don’t you last long?

That now we’ve become grown-ups.

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