I’m still here

This isn’t an article, but it’s just a brief note.

Hi everyone!

You’ve probably been wondering if I’ve disappeared off the face of the earth in the last week, but no I fortunately haven’t. I’m still alive. I’m still here. (insert laughter) Yes, we all have to take breaks sometimes. I just gave a workshop on how to learn languages (which you can check out in a video that’ll be out as soon as next week).

I know I’ve taken a week off of my Medium posts, but for the future I’m taking on a different strategy to write them. I’m looking at writing most of them from more of a content strategy/marketing perspective. Before I often wrote with no particular strategy in mind but I’m really interested in attracting a lot more readers because honestly most of my posts don’t get more than 4 likes and don’t get any comments. As I’m learning with my startup team Circuit Youth how to become better at both marketing and becoming marketable to a wide audience, I’m looking for advice on how to keep moving forward and how to get hundreds of likes and dozens of comments on my posts to really encourage discussion of my posts and allow me to be seen professionally. What kinds of resources could you share with me to help me with improving my craft? What can I do to add more value to people’s lives (particularly in language themed and makerspace themed articles but also in articles in general)?

Feel free to leave comments in the comment section below. Thanks! I’ve got 3 or 4 new posts coming up within the next week so stay tuned. I’m getting back to my regular schedule.


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