Tasting Notes: Ethiopia Limu

Genuine Origin green coffee from Ethiopia arrived this month. In the region where it’s from, washed coffees are traditionally called Limu, and natural coffees are called Djimmah.

Tony Auger, a Genuine Origin regional relationship manager and a trained quality taster and roaster, cupped our Limu and had this to say about it:

It’s everything I look for in coffees from this region — exciting layers that continually develop through the course of drinking it.
The dry fragrance and aroma of this coffee were incredibly sugary: Think Rolo candy with a hint of lemongrass. Upon first taste, the coffee has a tropical citric acidity with a prevalent note of Meyer lemon. The flavor has lots of tart stone fruit, green mango and raspberry notes. The body reminded me of a very clean tea, with subtle tannins. As the coffee got closer to room temperature, I could have been convinced that I was drinking a sweetened raspberry iced tea.
I’m very excited for roasters to get a sample of this coffee. I think they will truly appreciate just how delicious it is.

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