Apostille And Attestation Are Two Different Things!

There is number of companies that offer attestation and apostille service. The person who needs it should first make sure of the country he/she is visiting. After deciding the country, a person should select the agency. Agency then applies the suitable methods and gets his service done which includes stamping from embassies, diplomatic representatives, and ministry of foreign. The document attested according to rules and regulations can be used in diverse countries across the globe. This task is, therefore, performed best by the agency, which deals in attestation and apostle.

To make a lawful entry in foreign country attestation and apostilles are both significant. You have to get these two services done for visa application or for any other use in the country. The particular service makes a document convincing. If you are going to a country that does not come under The Hague convention then all document is attested.

The need for apostilles and attestation has emerged because earlier original documents were only needed, but as the time passes people started faking documents for higher studies. This is determined because they not have skills and unsuccessful to place out bold. This is why all countries firm to make these to services obligatory.


Attestation is the process of validating documents by designated bureaucrat, skill or branch framed by the government including their name and close up. The total progression guarantees the authenticity of the document. The country you are visiting make confident that all credentials are bona fide and original.

Below are the categories of attestation:-

• Education

1. School Certificate
2. Mark Sheets
3. Diploma/ Degree Certificate

• Non –Educational

1. Marriage Certificate
2. Birth Certificate
3. Divorce Certificate
4. Death Certificate
5. Single Status Certificate/ Bachelorhood Certificate/ CENOMAR
6. Commercial Certificate
7. Non-Availability of Birth Certificate

• Immigration Certificate Attestation

1. Police Clearance Certificate
2. Medical Certificate
3. Extension of Visa or Visa
4. Card of PIO (Person of Indian Origin)
5. Card of OCI (Overseas Citizen of India

Attestation compromises different level inside like first it starts from notary attestation and ends in MOFA i.e. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Then the home department of the state verifies it. After this, the document goes in attestation by MEA. The document then goes to the home department of the state and after this, the document went to MoFA. There are various companies offering you this service but Genuine Attestation Services is best as your work is done timely.


The certificate of a particular style, which verifies the credibility of a document, relevant unit of the area covered of the country under 1961 “Hague convention” is called apostilles. If you are going to a country that comes under Hague convention then you need to do apostilles and not attestation.

Each document, which is issued form, your home country is compulsory. Hague convention treaty is signed between Oman, Austria, Ireland, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand and other countries. The treaty legalizes the document after apostilles. The official paper remains validated even if it is not stamped by the embassy of the particular country. This process takes less time then attestation.

An apostilles is done the unique number by single pc generated stamp. The credibility of the document is checked online by other countries. It’s a type of straightforward procedure and does not require many platforms like in attestation. So, before going to any country first choose the right agency for apostilles and attestation for legalizing the documents.