What you need to know about blockchain, U.S. housing headed for a renovation, and India’s financial ecosystem

Alister Sneddon, CTO

Here are the top 3 insights for June 12th, prepared by Alister, our CTO.

Today’s Brief

  • Boston Consulting Group: What Every Investor Needs to Know About Blockchain
  • Morgan Stanley: Is U.S. Housing Headed for a Major Renovation?
  • Martin Currie: Getting to Grips With India’s Financial Ecosystem

What Every Investor Needs to Know About Blockchain

  • When the dot-com era commenced in the early 1990s, companies weren’t quite sure what to make of the internet, only that it represented something big.
  • Investor interest was enormous, but questions remained: How do you monetize applications for markets that don’t yet exist? Will there be one dominant player? One “killer app” or thousands?
  • All investors really knew was that the internet was something profoundly different, both a platform and a springboard for as-yet-unproven applications that could take advantage of cheap, fast, and vast data-sharing capabilities.
  • In many ways, blockchain represents a similar phenomenon, an emerging technology with enormous potential that serves up the same head-scratching dilemmas.
  • Will there be a dominant platform or protocol? Which needs can blockchain best fill? Which applications will be the most valuable? Which companies in my portfolio are threatened? And can anyone make money?

Genuine Scores for the top 3 Information Technology stocks

  • Cisco Systems, 68
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise, 67
  • Perspecta, 66

Is U.S. Housing Headed for a Major Renovation?

  • Why population shifts among Boomers, Millennials and Gen Z could drive a surplus of single-family homes and a shortage of rentals.
  • Both of which could spell opportunity for rental REITs and iBuying platforms.
  • U.S. population shifts from three outsized generations — Baby Boomers, Millennials and Gen Z — are set to remake the U.S. housing landscape in coming years.
  • This generational baton-pass in slow motion will play out across the country — but in very different ways.

Genuine Scores for top 3 US listed Equity Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) stocks

  • Park Hotels & Resorts, 64
  • Uniti Group, 62
  • Apple Hospitality REIT, 59

Getting to Grips With India’s Financial Ecosystem

  • The long-term outlook for Indian financial services is very strong, underpinned by good demographics, low penetration of financial products, and the fact that things like affordable housing are centre pieces of economic policy.
  • Paul Sloane has been in India to investigate further the growth prospects for companies involved in this sector.
  • We’ve had many helpful conversations with companies, which will inform our research agenda, in our hunt for sustainable growth business models.

Genuine Scores for the top 3 Indian focused funds

  • iShares India 50 ETF, 50
  • Nomura Funds India Equity, 46
  • Fidelity Funds — India Focus , 45

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