An AI to accomplish real-world tasks over the phone.This is how Google engineers describe Google Duplex. The technology behind the perfect robot phone call to schedule a haircut appointment to a salon, Google Duplex powers Google Assistant.

This video of CEO Sundar Pichai at I/O 2018 demonstrated a perfectly human-like…

The public sector and International Financial Institutions (IFI) seek to be knowledge and learning organizations. Yet, just like corporations and enterprises, they struggle.

Implementing the right technology to maximize the value of thousands of research, lessons learned and experience amassed for the past few decades is still a huge gap…

Data is the new oil. Insights derived from massive amounts of information can go beyond planning, budgeting, and forecasting, it can define a brand’s competitive advantage.

Big data processed using machine learning can identify emerging opportunities, simulate events and help executives make better business decisions.

Data-driven strategies

In fact, the strategic importance…

Gen Villamin

An agile project manager navigating her way around machine learning

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