Building Your Own Brand to Make Change

You are your own brand.

Everyone is their own brand and you have to be able to create opportunities to market and sell your ideas, talents, and aspirations. Your brand connects to everything you do — from the organizations you join, the jobs you apply for, your social media posts, blog and other creative content, businesses you create, and even your views on the issues of the day.

Take a leap of faith and connect with those who share similar ideas and thought processes and create a game plan for your life and future. Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be? How can you get there? Write down and develop those goals and tell people who will lift you up and believe in you and not bring you down

One of my favorite things to do is to write short posts and thoughts to myself about what is happening in the world, developing questions and possible solutions. It really helps me think through where I want my life to head and where I fit in in the world. Everyone has unique talents and tools to make a positive difference in your communities.

Success takes time, changing the world takes time. It requires tenacity, connections, faith, and risk taking. And ultimately building a power base that propels you forward not merely around ideas but concrete measurable and scalable action.

Most importantly, building your own brand is about a core belief or idea that drives your every decision. For me it has always been this idea that we all have the ability to cause an effect — for better or for worse. That we are not merely here to breathe and die — that we have a higher purpose to do good and change society for the better. Think about your idea, your purpose, and map out what that means for your brand and put it to action.