What we can do to change the world around us.

When I mention “change the world” I don’t necessarily mean finding a cure for a ravaging disease or creating world peace (although those solutions are gravely needed) but more about changing the social and human challenges we experience and see day to day in our own immediate bubbles. This could be a personal battle or even a problem we are seeking to solve as a work project that has an impact on others (philanthropy, social activism, public policy, etc.)

Why is it that we fear drastically altering the way we solve problems to enact real change? Maybe it’s the fear of the unknown or our own lack of faith in our own ideas and abilities to enact change. Either way I find that when I go about my day and my life aimlessly in a predictable pattern of actions and inaction's I’m hurt; longing for something greater than myself, longing for something greater than I alone can accomplish. There is always this need to impact the lives of others, to solve problems, to think creatively and to see challenges as not merely an obstacle but a problem begging for a sustainable solution.

That is what drives me every single day. That’s my purpose and my mission. If I’m not doing that or realizing my full potential then I feel incomplete. The goal for all of us should be to constantly and urgently broaden our horizons, broaden our social circles, and to discuss the issues of our day in a way that doesn't merely invite debate but that seeks out a collision of thoughts and innovative ideas, and ultimately solutions that bring about a positive change. Solutions that can be tested, reworked, shared, and scaled.

We shouldn't merely see ourselves as potential change agents or potential barrier breakers but as designers, builders, thought leaders, and instigators of a new revolution. When we generally think of a revolution it involves thousands or even millions aching and fighting for an ideal or purpose. But before any revolution or any gigantic social change, it must first come from an idea, a passion, and a belief—all striving for a grander vision. Think of it as a grassroots revolution.

That is what we each have to decide and to promote. What is the vision we are fighting for? What are the concerns and challenges of our day? Who can we gather to make a difference? We all have so much to learn every single day. Let’s take what we learn to create a new paradigm in how we work, solve, and create. This is sorely needed to tear down barriers, to alter the status quo, and ultimately to change the world around us for the better.