Why I judge Interviewers for asking ‘what’s your biggest weakness’ in an interview

I have been to a number of interviews during my professional career. The one question that I answer whilst trying to stop myself from rolling my eyes is ‘What are your biggest weaknesses?’.

We all know a response like ‘time-keeping’ or ‘checking my phone too much’ is not going to get you the job, so instead interviewees are having to formulate unauthentic responses and ones they know will sounds clever. I am also pretty sure that interviewers aren’t necessarily listening to the response, but just want to know that an interviewee can respond to such a question, which begs to question whether the interviewer is then just trying to catch you out. You can learn much more about someone and their self-awareness through having more meaningful conversations.

This question very much belongs back in the 20th Century and I find myself judging interviewers more for asking that question in the first place. I think it says a lot about the company and whether they are adapting to 21st Century Career mindset.

In order to find authentic employers, employees also have a responsibility to use the time during an interview to bring out the true-self of a prospective employee.