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Before saying anything, I’d like to congratulate you for choosing the noble path of programming. It’s a daunting but highly rewarding path and I wish you luck on your journey.

Now to the meat of the matter.

Pick a (programming) language

Firstly, you'll need to pick a programming language of your choice. The most common are JavaScript, Python and PHP. Spend two or three weeks with the basic syntax of the language of your choice;

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Are you seeking a career in GIS? This diagram shows the three areas you should focus your energy on.

1. #Geography: You must fortify yourself with as much understanding of fundamental geographic concepts as possible; Human geography, Physical geography and Geomatics.

2. #Data: You must get yourself acquainted with the principles of accurate data collection, storage, manipulation, interpretation and visualization.

3. #Tech: From GUI applications like QGIS and ArcGIS to programming and automation with scripting languages like Python and JavaScript, you must be able to leverage technology to solve geographic problems.

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1. GIS user

If you use Google maps then you fall in this category.

2. GIS Technicians

They’re trained to do unspecialized GIS tasks like georeferencing and digitizing.

3. GIS Analysts

A GIS analyst knows how to collect geographic data, prepare it, analyze it and present it in maps, charts and other forms of report.

A GIS Analyst should also know enough programming to enable him automate tasks.

4. GIS Developer

They are programmers who build GIS applications.


Experts say it's easier to convert an ordinary programmer into a GIS developer than to convert a GIS Analyst into a GIS developers.

5. GIS Project Manager

They manage GIS projects and coordinate teams.


Experts say ordinary project managers make better GIS project managers than GIS developers who’re converted into GIS project managers.

Contributions and critics are highly welcomed.

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Nigeria is a country where the typical citizen feels no sense of civil responsibility. Yet we expect our leaders to be responsible as if our leaders aren’t part of us.

Every tribe, gender and age group of this country is filled with so called citizens who put personal interest above public interest (if public interest exists in their hearts at all) yet we expect something good to come out of this country.

In a typical Nigerian workplace, the kind of resistance, hate and blackmail you'll get for speaking or acting against bribery and corruption is beyond description. If you persist…

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Many people see NYSC as an opportunity to save money for the challenges ahead. I believe this isn’t the best mindset to carry into NYSC.

I advise you to see NYSC as a great opportunity to learn, gather experience and make connections if you truly have a plan for your life.

You can 'work' yourself into a public school for your primary assignment (PPA), work for two or three days a week and use your free time to learn skills like graphic design, programming, data science, fashion designing, project management etc.

You also get to meet bright minds from other…

This afternoon, I came across this comment on a popular internet forum,

This is getting boring, honestly many people are now programmers or have some relevant IT skills and very soon this skill will be like pure water .

Much like how MS WORD , MS Excel were all hot cake between 2000-2009.
Although not anymore now it's become a redundant skill to have

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Here’s my humble response to the comment.
Yes knowledge of Microsoft office is now ubiquitous. But, NO, knowledge of Office tools hasn’t become redundant.

Rather, it has become requisite knowledge that you’re expected to have for…

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All my life, what I’ve known is the Yoruba word for tiger is ekùn.

But sometime last year, before the Àmòtékùn matter started at all, I learnt that tigers don’t exist in Africa.

I became confused and puzzled; how could Yoruba have had a name for tiger despite its non-existence in Africa.

I kept the puzzle in one corner of my mind. Hopefully, one day I’ll find a solution for it.

Then the political hullabaloo of Amotekun started.

Muric wrote an article stating that Amotekun is a christianization agenda. …

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Do you want to learn GIS? GIS is quite wide and you’re not likely to find a single course that covers all aspects of GIS. However, this article will give you a roadmap for how you can go about learning GIS.

Choose your GIS path

Before beginning your journey to learn GIS, you need to decide your GIS ecosystem.

Will you be using proprietary tools or free and open-source tools?

Learn GIS with proprietary software

If you'll be using proprietary tools then you need to start with ArcGIS pro.

Afterwards, you may proceed to learn remote sensing with ENVI and then learn web mapping with arcgis online.

Finally, you'll…

These days, almost every business needs to create written content in one form or another.

From blog posts to YouTube video descriptions, the list is endless.

Basically, you could have the best, most most engaging and interesting idea but if you don’t carve them out with the right words it could still get lost in the noise.

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So as a part of our endeavour to help your business grow, let’s discuss 10 writing hacks to help you create the right content now and get that attention you and your brand deserve.

01. Use Headings

Break your writing into headings and, when necessary, create…

Mathematics affects many parts of our lives in unbelievable ways.

For example, did you know that those image filters are mathematical equations that were converted to computer algorithms?

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Pictures are made of small units called pixels (picture elements). Each pixel has a numerical value. This value represents the amount of red, blue and green light in the pixel.

Your machine (phone or pc) reads this numerical value to display each pixel correctly.

When you apply a filter, you're asking your software to run an algorithm.

The algorithm takes the numerical value of each pixel and substitutes it for a variable…


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