Personas in the GIS industry.

1. GIS user

If you use Google maps then you fall in this category.

2. GIS Technicians

They’re trained to do unspecialized GIS tasks like georeferencing and digitizing.

3. GIS Analysts

A GIS analyst knows how to collect geographic data, prepare it, analyze it and present it in maps, charts and other forms of report.

A GIS Analyst should also know enough programming to enable him automate tasks.

4. GIS Developer

They are programmers who build GIS applications.


Experts say it's easier to convert an ordinary programmer into a GIS developer than to convert a GIS Analyst into a GIS developers.

5. GIS Project Manager

They manage GIS projects and coordinate teams.


Experts say ordinary project managers make better GIS project managers than GIS developers who’re converted into GIS project managers.

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