It’s hard to maintain discipline

Yep, I admit it. Maintaining a disciplined approach to life is not easy to do at times. I am known to have some pretty good discipline, but I struggle at times to keep up the hard work. I am currently in a periodic cycle of struggle. I have a bit of a sine wave like pattern that I have noticed. There are a few things that are important when self-evaluating. First, is to not be hard on yourself and realize that we are all human and can at times fall off the wagon. Second, is that nudging yourself back on to the wagon is important. You are better served doing so with milk and honey and not piss and vinegar. It really is not helpful degrading ourselves with our self-talk but rather being supportive and compassionate. Being ok with riding out the down period of days, weeks and perhaps months is ok. Letting it go for years is probably a bigger issue that will require some deeper reflection. A good reminder for me has been an axiom shared with me by my brother and that it is much easier to push back to the top once you have hit bottom becuase you have something push up from. For me personally the good news is that my bottom and top is not all that far apart I believe or at least it does not feel that way. So letting myself sink to the bottom is not all that scary any more and more of a break from the grind of self-expecations. The cycle is either clicking and all consuming in the positive direction and all the elements fit well together or it is downward and a pretty complete abandonment is under way. The cool thing is that either way life is good and I really can not complain. That said I would prefer to have all cylinders firing for long periods of time and that is where the discipline comes in. Staying on the road to fitness, learning, or whatever the pursuit is requires some steadfast focus and singular devotion and that is a muscle that required some practice and some effort over time to achieve. I am back in the saddle and glad to have worked through some of the specifics that I like to use to maintain the rigor and I can already get a sense for the improvements that manifest. Go out there and have a great day!

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