How to Choose the Best Coloured Contact Lenses for Your Skin Tone?

Eyes play a decisive role in determining the aesthetic beauty of any person. Many types of research indicate that people associate unique eye colours with beauty. Therefore, many people in the show business often wear circle coloured contact lenses to enhance their physical appearance. Researchers have found that wearing a coloured contact lens can instantly elevate the beauty of any person. People who have a unique eye colour are commonly perceived as more charming and attractive. However, picking a coloured lens randomly doesn’t have the best effect. Researchers have found that various factors such as skin tone, natural colour of the eyes and hair colour have to be considered before picking a lens.

Here’s how you can pick a coloured contact lens that is perfect for you:

Coloured contact lenses for people who have tanned skin complexion:

People who are brown skinned or have a tanned complexion can enhance their physical beauty instantly by using a bright coloured eye lens. Medium skin coloured people should get lenses that make their eyes appear brighter than their complexion. People who have a tanned complexion can wear green, hazel, honey, dark blue or grey coloured lenses. However, bright blue or aqua coloured lenses should be avoided as they don’t pair quite well with the skin tone. Women who opt for neutral colours like brown or grey should ensure that the lenses are a bit different than the eyeshadow used by them.

Coloured contact lenses for fair skinned people:

On fair-skinned people, any lens can look decent. However, shades of blue and grey usually are the best coloured contact lenses for fair skinned people. These colours can give a dazzling and classy appearance to any person, but they bring out the best in fair skinned people. Shiny colours like aqua, purple and turquoise also look great, especially if the goal is to stand out from the crowd.

Coloured contact lenses for people who have a dark complexion:

People who have a dark and dusky complexion can also choose from a variety of colours. It all comes down to the desired effect that you want to create. However, warm colours usually look best on people who have dark skin complexion. 2-tone violet contact lenses or hazel coloured lenses look great. Dark skinned people should avoid wearing aqua or pink coloured lenses.

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