Mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple is one way to make money — quite literally. But to get rich you need a vast amount of powerful and costly computing resources at your disposal.

That explains the phenomenon of browser-based cryptojacking: hackers running mining software on victims’ computers without their knowledge or consent to generate Bitcoin or other currencies, while the victims pick up the tab.

The problem for hackers is that this type of cryptojacking is rarely lucrative: a recent research paper from a German university suggests that malicious websites which execute mining code on visitors’ systems generate…

Our clients often say to us: “We want to get all our key applications onto the cloud.” Our response to this is always: “Why would you want to be just ‘on’ the cloud?”

The difference between being “on” and being “in” the cloud might seem a minor nuance but in fact there’s a world of difference. “On the cloud” means operating largely the same way as before — the same applications running in the same way on a bunch of servers that are now on the cloud rather than on-premises or in a co-located datacenter. …

In the recent process of becoming an Amazon Web Services Certified Solution Architect (CSA) I found a truly remarkable training provider in the shape of A Cloud Guru. What the founders — the Kroonenburg brothers — have done is highly disruptive and goes against the grain of traditional corporate learning.

Like most people, over the course of my career I’ve dipped in and out of training. Some of it has been instructor-led, some e-learning (mostly those mandatory compliance courses that big enterprises make you take), and self-study from books which I did when I took my last vendor certifications over…

Last week was the Cloud Expo Europe show in London (15th/16th March). This is a big event comprising 5 co-located shows with over 600 exhibitors and attended by some 18,000 visitors.

A great opportunity to catch up with a number of our clients and partners but the thing that particularly interested me was cloud in the enterprise space, not greenfield apps but how and where is cloud being used right in the heart of corporate IT?

When we founded FutureProof this is one of the areas where we saw enormous potential for cloud; finally an opportunity for corporates to get…

What an utterly ridiculous statement

An AWS service disruption occurred in the Northern Virginia (US-EAST-1) Region on the morning of February 28th

“When AWS flatlines like that, almost the whole internet is in trouble.” That’s the conclusion of Business Insider in an article about the AWS outage that occurred Tuesday 28th February.

What an utterly ridiculous statement.

What we do know is this: one AWS service in one AWS region had enormously degraded performance beyond the point of being usable. Certainly the service in question — Simple Storage Service known as S3 — is one of AWS’s biggest and most widely used services, and the US-East-1 (N. …

In an interview last week on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme AWS Managing Director Gavin Jackson remarked to presenter Dominic O’Connell that if he were to tell him the location of the new AWS UK region datacenter he would then have to kill him.

Now, clearly Jackson had his tongue firmly in cheek but there is an important reason behind Amazon’s apparent secrecy and in reality it’s got almost nothing to do with security.

As anyone with even an elementary grasp of information security knows, keeping the location of something secret is unlikely to enhance its security. Indeed, “security through…

Indicators show that 2017 is the year when large enterprises embrace AWS in a big way

The New Year certainly appears to bring out the fortune tellers in people. Last week it seemed like every other post on LinkedIn was someone making predictions for what’s going to be big in 2017. Most of these posts follow a similar patten: take a list of buzz words like IoT, Blockchain, Agile etc. and then write a bullet point on each saying how this year it’s going to take off or an industry sector is going to go mad for it.

The trouble with making predictions in the world of corporate technology is that adoption tends to build over…

Geoff Davies

Co-founder at FutureProof. AWS CSA. Enterprise technology specialist.

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