One Giant Paywall?

Three words: Hulu for print.

Hulu is a co-op — jointly owned by Disney (ABC, ESPN and Disney: 30%),[21st Century Fox (Fox and the movie studios: 30%), Comcast (NBC, Universal: 30%), and Time Warner (TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, other stuff: 10%).

You pay one fee for access to pretty much everything they offer; the divide up the proceeds.

I’m sure newspapers and magazines could manage to screw this up. Maybe by splitting the revenue based on percentage of total page views — so everyone would go back to spreading 700-word stories over five pages. Or maybe they would limit total page views in a month, I can think of all sorts of stupid things.

But it would give them a fighting chance. It would be one hell of a lot less stupid than publishing articles to Facebook… then wondering why Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t giving them any money.

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