What’s up Medium? I’ve missed a couple days of writing here on this platform but I’m picking myself up and starting again. Life is full of stops and starts the problem is we usually let a stop, stop us. So here is the latest update with Me and Put On Grace.

I’ve been all in on my health this week. I decided that before the New Year I was going to get healthy. Well, actually if we back up even farther, I can tell you that for years now I have been talking to my wife about food, health and habits. I have read several books and watched many documentaries on the impact our eating has on our bodies health. (here is some insight into my brain; I’m paranoid that I’m going to get cancer) I have had many ups and downs in my weight with it mainly being up. At my heaviest I was about 306 pounds. I worked hard for about a year and lost 100 pounds. It was awesome I looked better, felt better and had plenty of energy. That was about 4 years ago since then I’ve been steadily climbing back up and currently I weigh 290 pounds. It’s sad and I’m pretty upset that at any point I could have gotten back on the scale and decided I needed to loose 10 pounds, instead I waited and waited. Now I’m back to being way to heavy and none of my clothes fit. I once again have to face a 100 pound mountain which sucks. Thankfully, over the last 3 months, I came to the realization that the problem with weight loss and dieting is that we view it as short term. A minor inconvience. It’s something we do until we hit that magic number on the scale or just for a set time period. Brace Yourself, If you have been significantly over weight or obese at any point, dieting is not something you just do for a time and then go back to eating burgers and fries. Are there excpetions? I’m sure there are but for the majority of us, we must accept a long term view and understand that eating a healthy diet is going to just be something we always do. You can never just eat what you want all the time.

The problem, if you are like me, is that I observe other people “eating what they want” in a single moment and I believe that I should be able to do that all the time. I have no context for knowing if they are having a cheat meal but really stick to a very healthy diet 90% of the time. We have to change our mindset from one that views diets as a short term fix that will last forever to my diet is a lifetime fix to being overweight and putting myself at risk for diabetes, cancer and all other types of disease and sickness. It has to be something you are always doing. So that is the journey I set out on this week.

Put On Grace is moving forward slowly. I am going back and forth with the designer I hired to get the first shirt to be awesome. I have a rough idea of what I want but communicating that, is not proving to be so simple.

I was finally able to reach my C.P.A. and I’m feeling good about the company overall. I’m putting a bunch of work into documenting the startup and my life. I hope that in time it will tell a compelling story for what Put On Grace is all about and why we make shirts. I’m doing many new things in this new year and I can feel it stretching me as a person. I’m excited about this journey and can’t wait to see where it all leads a year from now.

Discipline & Execution 2017

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