I’m a Bad Human Being When I am Pissed Off

Stolen without thought for consequence from a Pintrest board. Since Pintrest doesn’t care about stealing from dA, I don’t give a good godsdamn. Google doesn’t care about the original artist, it just points me back to pinterest. Anyone who can give me a name and URL to credit the artist, I will happily edit this.

I am not a happy bunny.

Two things made me unhappy tonight. Two personal things on slightly different scales.

A friend of mine, someone I have known for five years, is going to marry the guy who raped her. I am going to guess that there’s a Catholic priest I have to bitchslap as a result of this, since my friend is RC, and her mother is dead (so I can’t blame her, or slap her), and her father has been out of the picture for two decades (so if I ever meet him, his slappage is without question).

She has two kids, the first born when she was an unwed teenager, the second… well, let’s not worry about her parentage until we’ve dealt with what her mother’s should be.

She has an elder sister and brother, who kind of acted as her mother and father, it was a big family (12 kids), and I have tried to help them remove this man from my friend’s life. She doesn’t want to listen.

I had hoped that for her daughter’s sake she’s listen to reason, but she is bound and determined to follow “her man” (my fingertips blistered typing those words) into her own personal hell.

Her youngest daughter was born nine months after the reports of her rape. And four months after the reports of her engagement

The other thing that truly brought me down was witnessing someone I considered to be a friend post inaccurate meme after inaccurate meme on Facebook attacking things I cared about.


A friend of mine, who I thought was intelligent enough for an immigrant to the US who considers himself Republican (Polish roots, and I am fairly certain he just doesn’t know the difference between Soviet Communism and genuine socialism) chased me from my last holdouts on Facebook with his incessant hatred of anything that I consider to be a consequence of compassion.

I don’t actually want to live with humans any more. Too many of them are horrible.

//Edit — sorry, I screwed up and mixed up the paragraphs earlier.