You just minimized fanatical Islam by applying geographical distance.

No, I didn’t minimise fanatical Islam; I explained that people see horrible things from a long distance differently to how they see potential problems on their doorstep. That’s human nature. It’s horrible to see things on the news around the globe, but someone affecting one’s own life is naturally more important.

I’d like to point out that Daesh have killed far more Muslims than they have Christians.

I’d consider myself a liberal, but being a European, my definition of liberal is certainly very different to yours. I see the actions of Daesh as horrifying and certainly worse than a man of inadequate intelligence skirting dangerously close to violating the US constitution’s demand of keeping religion and politics separate. Yes, I am opposed to religious freedoms being restricted, I am certainly against people being put to death for any reason and the basis of their faith is as stupid a justification as any.

However, I do not equate the actions of Daesh with the belief systems of Islam, and certainly not with the actions and opinions of the majority of Muslims living in the west. That’s why I refuse to give them the legitimacy of the name ISIS, they are not Islamic, they are not a State, they do not represent Iraq or Syria.

They are terrorists. And the purpose of terrorists is to beget terror with a political aim in mind. In this case, the aim of their terror is to drive a wedge between Muslims and the West. This fear leads to anger among westerners, which leads to anger. This engenders stupid foreign policies (from the invasion of Iraq to the current attempts at travel restrictions against majority Muslim countries) and it stokes Islamophobia.

All of that hatred building in the West then alienates the Muslims, both those living here and those in the Middle East and Africa, which in turn drives them into the hands of the extremist groups. Turning that hatred from the West into suffering of their own people.

So no. I am not giving Muslims a free ride by refusing to tie the actions of extremists with one of the largest religions on Earth. I am simply not allowing the terrorists to win.

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