Politicians Know Fuck All About Technology

In fact, they know less than the average person I meet. Although that may say more about my social circles than society as a whole.

Net Neutrality is an important issue. The ‘net is vital to our future (means of sharing information lead, inevitably, to social and technological advancement). Much as we argue on this information superhighway, much as we advise each other “don’t look at the comments”, much as we endure flat-earthers, creationists, anti-vaxxers, and climate change deniers, the internet and the free flow of information is more good than bad.

I’m not American. I do not have a representative in Congress to write to. I don’t have a vote when it comes to who sits in the senate, or the White House. I do interact with people in the US a lot. A lot a lot.

Every day, even weekends, I am on Stack Overflow. If I am not seeking help, then I am offering what help I can to others (or flagging the inevitable spam and the inevitable pro-Putin, pro-Assad, and pro-Erdogan trolls). They wrote a wonderfully concise piece explaining the importance of Net Neutrality.

Like I said, I don’t get a say on what happens in the US. But I can be worried.

What I see of US internet service providers make me very worried. They don’t seem to have any morals. In fact from this side of the Atlantic, it seems like the US is hell bent on voting into power politicians who are intent on selling their electorate out to the highest bidder. And there’s plenty of people who are happily supporting those politicians while they do so.

I don’t want to see some of those passionate, intelligent, and thoughtful voices from the US silenced, or even restricted in their ability to reach out to like minds around the world. I don’t want the US to become a void on the net, replaced by realDonaldTrump 24/7 without contradiction or question.

So, to my US friends: This is a big fucking deal. A seriously big fucking deal. Your politicians don’t know anything out technology. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in having politicians who couldn’t tell an ethernet cable if they were being choked by it. Here in the UK they banned the Pirate Bay, and face-sitting porn. Sat here, in my room in the UK, I could quite easily acquire a torrent from TPB of face-sitting porn should I so choose ( YKINMKBYKIOK ). An authority’s ability to ban something is entirely dependent on their ability to enforce that ban.

But Net Neutrality is another matter. Right now it’s about ISPs in the USA being allowed to rake in extra money by giving some online sources preferential treatment.

If you don’t see why that is a bad thing, then please, educate yourself. And don’t listen to that industry stoolie Trump installed at the FCC.

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