Technical support for Medium from someone unused to asking for technical support

It’s not often I have to ask a question on a technical support matter, usually it’s me on the phone to someone wracking my brains to remember the exact wording of the that particular version of Outlook’s account settings window so the person on the other end can send emails. But here we go.

When I started using Medium, it was more as a means of following other people. I didn’t expect to be writing anything, let alone get recommends or even followers from among some of the brilliant writers on here. So I clicked the “Sign up with Twitter” button and entered my credentials.

Trouble is, I don’t like logging in with my Twitter credentials. Partly that is is down to the fact that I have ceased enjoying Twitter, but partly it’s that I want to actually get emails from Medium about notifications (which I currently don’t and am blaming on the Twitter OAuth API).

How do I keep my account, but go from signing in via Twitter, to signing in with email address and password?

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