I’m Going To England And France This Week To Ask Foreigners About Trump.
Allan Ishac

To start you off, here’s the answers to your questions from an Englishman.

Q. What do you love about America’s new president?
A. That he’s such an easy target.

Q. Do you admire the First Family?
A. Melania is the first First Lady to have nudes on the net.

Q. Have you ever been swindled out of a real estate deal by Donald Trump or his con artist family?
A. No. Although I have a friend who hates his Scottish golf course.

Q. Do you wish Donald Trump had been sent to Australia when you shipped all your other criminals down there?
A. No, I quite like the Aussies, I wouldn’t wish him on them.

And no, you won’t be harangued just for being American. Unless you’re wearing a Make America Great Again hat. In which case you might get a few “Make America Great British Again!” comments.

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