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Lately I’ve been commuting a LONG distance. 70 miles round trip. Per day.

I’ve written previously about the desire to shift to a remote work economy, borne out of frustrations I have with my current job, one of which is the insane amount of time I spend in the car each day (~2.5 hours.) Besides being a time suck that leaves me physically and emotionally exhausted, I’ve recently given a lot of thought to the carbon footprint of my daily commute. Just how much is my commute hurting the environment?

A lot. My 70 mile round trip, in a small…

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Only 28% of Americans plan to use all of their allocated vacation time in 2019. And this trend seems to be getting worse, as this article from 2016 points out, with 46% of workers using all of their vacation time in 2016, down from 58% in 2013. That’s insane. Vacation time is literally a built-in benefit that you’re paid for. Why American’s wouldn’t take advantage of this time offered by companies baffles me as vacation time is necessary to reboot, re-energize, and enjoy life. But here we are — Americans don’t take vacation.

Many articles address why Americans don’t use…

Stressed worker.
Stressed worker.
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In late January I received a call from the CFO of the mobile advertising company I had worked at for the past six years. “Times are tough. As a result, we’re going to have to let you go. Please know this isn’t based on performance…”

I was shocked. I had recently been promoted to a managerial role leading our west coast-based team of account managers. I loved my job. I loved my company, too, because I found the work invigorating and I was treated like an adult. I had flexible PTO so I was able to take time off whenever…

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