Will Panasonic’s GH5 “6K” Feature Appear in other Brands?

The Panasonic GH5 was just recently announced, and with it came an astounding set of features for cinematographers and filmmakers. Internal 10-bit 4:2:2, V-Log profiles, customizable frame rates and many other features not seen in any other camera in a similar price range. [For a look at the camera, check NoFilmSchool’s write up]

But the most interesting to me is the “6K” full sensor readout mode set to release sometime this summer. A feature I love, and one I hope every other manufacturer copies, especially Sony.

Photo cameras with video features crop in to the center of their sensor to 16:9 recording modes. Cinema and high-end video camera’s allow recording to the very edges of their image sensors. More options are always better, and this will be a great addition to most cameras.

There is no reason Sony, Canon, and Nikon could not offer this option. It has the advertising advantage of being able to say “The ______ , now supporting up to 6K resolution!*” without having to redesign the entire image pipeline and hardware, just adding a different crop of the already existing sensor. I do admit that there could be an issue with the processing speed of the camera, but if that is the case it could be offered only in a 24fps mode.

A 1.33 Anamorphic lens using the full size of the my A7rII Sensor. Creating a visually interesting 2:1 aspect ratio image.

I would love to shoot with the entire sensor of my A7r II for video. Using the full image sensor would only have certain applications, but the option would be fantastic to have for creative variety.

I can only hope that this and other features of the GH5 (variable framerates please!) make their way into other brands like the LOG profile inclusion has migrated from Sony cameras to their competitors.