Chatting With A Growth Expert

Brian Balfour

In this episode of The UX and Growth Podcast, Austin, Matt, and I were joined by HubSpot’s VP of Growth Brian Balfour to talk about his story, user acquisition, entrepreneurship, and Casper mattresses.

Brian touches on his experience in the social gaming space, saturated markets, moving levers, and traction versus growth. He learned a number of lessons while building (and sometimes failing at) his previous startups which he carries with him and builds upon every day.

“The landscape of user acquisition is rapidly changing. And it’s actually changing at an accelerating rate. More and more platforms are becoming available to us and their cycle of peak effectiveness to depreciation is becoming faster and faster.”

What is a growth channel as opposed to a traction channel and when do you choose one or the other?

Are there ways to grow quickly and predictably when the time calls for it?

Can you scale a business with snapchat?

Have a listen and find out!

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