serve quality coffee to the customer
Process is not the devil, ineffective processes are
Kevin C. Kupillas

Love this!

I admit that I tried to pick apart this example at first but it withstood because it’s a really good one…. Let’s assume that cheaper, faster, better is the value triad. If that automated pour-over system makes the coffee come out faster and/or cheaper at the same good quality, the customer is sure to find it valuable.

How do engineering teams work the triad? 
They have a process to find and build things that make the tool give back value faster. They have a process to find opportunities for automation/refactor to bring down costs making quality offerings cheaper for both the customer and the company. They have a process to discover ways to make their products better than other similar offerings in terms of ROI, reliability, or peace of mind.

Without the checks and balances from process, how do you know that you aren’t simply guessing your way to success?

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