“let’s give it a shot” can go a long way (you’ve only got a few of these in your back pocket though…use wisely).
The Caves of Uncertainty
Drew Condon

Right — this is really important. “Let’s give it a shot” is a dice roll if no one shares the same foundation or model that you do.

From my experience, you can get many more shots if you reduce the uncertainty by providing a foundation and model up front. Foundation is for purpose; if you fail at something with a foundation you don’t run the risk of invalidating the whole mission and having to start over. This prevents existential anxiety. Models are for dealing with outcomes. People tend to view model-less outcomes in a binary (win/loss) lens, so a model helps give the outcomes more nuance. Without models, you struggle to make progress pointed in a single direction.

As a simple example, there is a very large difference between

“We have no idea (where to start/what this means/who we are). Let’s give my idea a shot.”


“We chose the right thing to focus on. Lets give our first idea a shot.”