Personal Ad: Lonely Business Owner Seeks Other Lonely Business Owners for Friendship

BIG NEWS! I just found out that I am a “solopreneur.”

Apparently the trend now is to take an adjective that describes what you do/who you are and mash it up with the word ENTREPRENEUR. Example: Solopreneur, Mompreneur, Wantrepreneur. It is what it is, I guess.

I read an article this morning on titled The Silent Threat Every Solopreneur Must Overcome. In it, the writer discusses the feeling of isolation that comes with being a one-man show.

I agree with most of the article, though I don’t suggest getting involved in Mastermind groups. A lot of hot air from people who love to label themselves “masterminds.”

Entrepreneurs are wired differently. We thrive when we can tackle something on our own and find great satisfaction in accomplishing tasks without another person’s input. That is why we left the traditional employer/employee model behind. But cutting ties with a more traditional career can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

It is nothing personal, but I find that it is becoming increasingly harder to relate to people who are employed by a company. It is also difficult to explain just what it is I do on a daily basis to someone who is not self-employed.

My life looks so different now that I cannot imagine ever working in a traditional environment again. But I realize that this kind of life is not for everyone, and some days it can be hard not having someone to lean on. I mean, I am my own HR department, Accountant, Salesperson, Marketing Strategist, R&D, Documentation Expert, Compliance Department, IT, etc. And in truth it can be taxing.

On the one hand, working alone means you don’t have to tune out that one negative person that is always hanging around your cubicle, bumming you out with their bad attitude and laziness.

But one of the things we solopreneurs tend to miss is the camaraderie of colleagues to commiserate with. When things at your job are not going well, you have someone in the trenches with you who knows how you feel. When you work for yourself, you have to find ways to motivate yourself to keep going when the going gets tough.

Which is why I’d like to start a group for entrepreneurs/solopreneurs where we can encourage each other and commiserate about the challenges of building a brand, overcoming obstacles, and staying motivated during “the dip.”

Disclaimer: I am not talking about people who are working for an MLM firm. Yes, it is a business, and I know you work hard, but hitching your wagon to a well-oiled machine is not the same as building a business from the ground up. I am also not interested in creating another BNI or Chamber of Commerce type group. There are certainly enough of those leads-focused networking groups out there. Sorry if I offended everyone.

If you have started your own business, and are interested in meeting up for coffee 1–2 times a month to talk shop, strategy, whatever, let me know.



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Originally published at on October 12, 2016.