Goodbye, New York City. You Bitch.

Well, NYC, it’s been real.

Geoff Gates
Apr 2, 2016 · 3 min read

I’m gonna go ahead and say it, you’re a massive bitch. But at the end of the day, I kind of love you for that. The aura that you possess is admirable. Everyone who comes in contact with you falls in love, head over heels. You don’t care what people think about you, you play hard to get, and I’m sure you could care less that I’m leaving you for someone else.

The speed in which you operate, the IDGAF attitude that you possess, it’s something that I’ve marveled at since moving here.

I used to think I walked fast until I met you.

But there’s another city that has my heart. A city that does in fact sleep. As someone who goes to bed at 9:30, that’s something I appreciate. A city that’s filled with beauty, a place where nature is preserved. I can run, hike, ride my bike, all year. The concrete jungle that you’ve been appropriately typecasted simply isn’t for me.

I thought that liking NYC was infallible. It was a truth that I had to accept. There are people who, when I told them about my move, couldn’t grasp the fact that I just didn’t like New York City. I mean, why wouldn’t I like it? There’s an endless amount of things to do, bars to tell stories at, restaurants to dine in. But in full transparency, as someone who’s had his fair share of partying, you’re a bad influence on me. You make it so easy to fall into bad behaviors, behaviors that I’ve moved past.

I’ve realized that there are other cities out there that are pretty amazing, too.

You aren’t the end-all-be-all.

I did my best to try and accept you as the best, but in my opinion, you aren’t. I’m going back to a city that I consider to be an oasis. Palm trees, warm weather all year round (yes, you can live in a climate that doesn’t suck 8 months of the year), people who care.

That’s more my speed, and that’s why I’m saying goodbye.

I’m going to a city that brings out the best in me—a stark difference from a place where I’ve felt as though I’ve been operating at my worst. I’ve struggled with addiction in my past and present (an article that I’ve been writing for almost two years and still haven’t published), and you make it very easy to fall back into old habits. I’ve held back, but I know that if I’m here any longer, I won’t make it. I’m not like everyone else, and I have to be very self-aware. And it’s my self-awareness that’s telling me to leave.

So it’s with a less than heavy heart that I say goodbye to you, New York City. There are plenty of things that I’ll miss about you—the most of which are the people that I’ve formed incredible relationships with. But this decision is what’s best for me. And *sometimes (*read as: every time), you have to put yourself first.

So I’m challenging everyone reading this to take your own personal inventory. If you aren’t in a place that you love, a job you’re passionate about, an apartment you look forward to coming home to, make a change. It doesn’t have to be as drastic as moving across the country, but know that it’s ok to listen to your heart.

I bid you a sincere adieu, NYC.

Stay real.

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Geoff Gates

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Associate Director, Social and Content @lakers. Former @trboxing, @vaynermedia, and @sfheat. | LA |

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