Did you know that it has been predicted that the market for video streaming will be worth 70 billion dollars by 2021? In less than two years, we’ll be streaming even more than we already are, to more people than we’ve ever streamed to. Deciding to live stream church worship services is a big step for your organization.

So how can Stream Monkey’s live streaming service be there to help build, connect, and grow your church?

Whether it’s helping you share the service with those who are not able to be present physically from sickness or health issues, or even…

At Stream Monkey, we’re always striving to better understand how our users are using our product. But what we’re even more interested in is how their viewers are experiencing our users’ content.

After talking to some of our users, we began to realize they had a lack of understanding of not only who was watching their videos — but why they were watching. We were intrigued, so we went on a discovery mission of our own to help share the aspects of analytics that might be helpful to discuss on your team.

Why Analytics Are Important

The analytics associated with your live stream give…

How I’m learning to manage high stress while being high tech.

When iOS 12 came out, I quickly jumped in to see my screen time usage. While only 2 hours of my time last week was spent on social media apps, I still spent over 5 hours using entertainment apps like YouTube, Spotify, and listening to podcasts. (Okay, so 4 hours and 51 minutes of that were on YouTube, but I have a good excuse — I don’t have TV at home and watching TED Talks are a nightly ritual for me. Plus, who could pass up a loop of husky puppies playing.)

November 7, 2018 is National Stress Awareness Day…

A year to the day of my mother’s death has taught me much about healing and embracing the scars in our lives.

When I was a child, I was crazy. That might come as a shock for anyone who knows me today as I’m probably one of the last people you would think of as being crazy. Hopefully*. You likely won’t find me randomly climbing up a tree or going on an adventure on an ATV in the middle of the woods. There’s a reason for this: I’ve had some life changing experiences that have made me want to avoid those situations. …

We recently launched a new feature that only one user can access.

A couple of weeks ago we rolled out a new feature for one of our users that allowed them to upload their newly released album to our system and then provide download codes to those who had purchased it. Even though we could have built this for just the one user in a much simpler manner, we took three times as long and built this feature for all our users to have access to … eventually. Why did we do that?

At Stream Monkey, we have an internal policy to only build solutions that are scalable and that add value…

On March 7th we rolled out an entirely new brand identity after having the same look for the entire length of our company’s history. It’s been an extraordinary season of reflecting on our story and exploring who we want to become. But why the change and what does this mean for the future?

Stream Monkey began as an answer to a call. That call came from churches wanting a simple, reliable streaming company that offered quality streams and qualified support. Back in 2011, our founder, Chris, was working at a mega church in Central Florida that was constantly giving away…

I vividly remember the day my mother brought home a Gateway desktop computer when I was in the first grade. It was all white- the tower, the monitor, the mouse, and that keyboard that you could hear a mile away when you double clicked the AOL icon. She had been given the computer by the company she worked for and she quickly dove head first into all the features it had to offer. And I was always right beside her, learning everything there was to learn about Windows 95.

As I grew up, we always had some really great technology…

Since packing up the Cavalier and setting sail to Granger Community Church just shy of four years ago, I have experienced more than I could have ever imagined possible when I graduated high school. You can read a quick recap in a previous post about some of the things I’ve gotten to experience since then, but let me preface that read with: there’s a lot that has happened.

The latest of that news included a move to Oklahoma in July 2013 to serve as Web/Interactive Director at JourneyChurch.tv. It’s been an incredible year filled with much laughter, excitement, passion, and…

I have some exciting new to share today! But before I get there, I want to back up and take a look at what’s happened since graduating high school in the Spring of 2010.

In July of 2010 I was in Orlando at a convention with my youth group. On this trip I decided that God was calling me out of pursuing a Church Music major. When I got back to Indiana, tables quickly began to turn from heading off to Anderson University in the fall of 2010 to becoming an intern at Granger Community Church.

I was an intern…

Media Design and MarshmallowsOver the past few weeks I have enjoyed spending time with the Media Design team at Northland, A Church Distributed. I have learned so much in such a short time frame — not only about the ministries of Northland nor of the people of Northland but also about all of the amazing technologies that can help empower the church.

I will attempt to wrap up this past week in a few lines:
(links with a * after them are to pictures of those events)

Geoff Hensley

Senior front-end engineer who’s passionate about using technology to empower world changers.

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